The Season of Football and Hockey

So my girlfriend texted me today asking why I loved Summer. I stood still for a second to think. Then I responded.

“I love Summer because it’s light when you wake up and it stays that way until long after you’ve had dinner and gone outside to run around some more. I love Summer because it never gets so cold you’ve got to come inside.  I love Summer because the warm air is ripe with possibility, and you just know that anything can happen.”

“I love Summer because of water-skiing and ocean swimming and the sand on the beach. I love Summer because of the holes I used to dig that were taller than I was. I love Summer because of all the times I got crushed by a wave and stood up to do it again.”

“I love Summer because of sitting on the lawn in front of the house with a tall glass of water and baseball on the radio. I love Summer because of running around the yard making diving catches. I love Summer because of outdoor barbecues with semi-random collections of friends, with Howie Rose’s voice in the background.”

“I love Summer because of Summer Of ’42 and The Beach Boys and songs from Grease and every other piece of pop culture that’s tried to capture what Summer means, and somehow done it absolutely right. I love Summer because of ‘In The Summertime’ and ‘Summer of ’69’ and ‘Fun Fun Fun,’ and hearing ‘Meet The Mets’ as you wait in line for a bobblehead.”

“I love Summer because of Citi Field in June, the wind coming off the water and cooling things down as it gets dark around the third inning. I love Summer because of hot dogs and peanuts and cracker jacks, and singing about them in the seventh inning. I love Summer because of flipping channels after the Mets game ends and watching King of Queens until 1:00 a.m..”

“I love Summer because of campfires and s’mores and songs played badly on an old guitar. I love Summer because of the brightness of the stars, and the blue of the sky. I love Summer because of cool breezes making hot days bearable, and the sun sneaking out from behind the clouds just in time to turn a bad day better.”

“I love Summer because of Harry Potter book releases and giant Marvel movies. I love Summer because school’s out and the reading is whatever you want it to be. I love Summer because of movies that can be sad and sweet and moral and funny and awesome, and that always leave you with a good feeling coming out of the theater. I love Summer because of classic rock on the radio, sticking your head out the passenger window as you drive down the highway and savoring the feeling of the air.”

“I love Summer because of corn on the cob and lobster and watermelon. I love Summer because of chocolate chip cookies and ice cold sodas and fresh lemonade. I love Summer because of popsicles after a hard day’s work, and chocolate milkshakes in the upper deck.”

“I love Summer because of the smell of the ocean from up on a fishing boat. I love Summer because of conversations late at night on the beach, alone for miles all around, no light but the old motel in the distance. I love Summer because of the plants you’ve got to pick through to get to the sand, and the spot next to the stairs where people leave their shoes. I love Summer because of sitting on the beach with a friend, leaning back, looking out over the ocean, and wondering out loud about life.”

“In short, I love Summer because it’s the best season of the year, and it’s a time for play and fun, and you know deep down that anything can happen. Does that answer your question?”

So she responded, “I love your view on seasons.” Then I went out for some breakfast. It was the first day of Fall.