For What It’s Worth, Baseball

It’s any ordinary Thursday.  I’m sitting in class, and material that, on any other day, would enthrall me, is flying right over my head. The impression of attentiveness that I’m giving off is cursory at best, and “half-assed” is probably a more accurate description.

The Mets have a game in an hour. I don’t have time to think about anything else.

No, it’s not a game that counts.  No, few or none of the regulars will play. Yes, many of the players to take the field today will probably be gone before Opening Day.

Does any of this matter to me?  Not in the slightest.  It’s Mets baseball, and it’s today.

That’s it.  That’s all that matters.

Will I feel this way in 31 days, when the Mets are in Kansas City playing what I’m sure will be a nail-biting, thrill-inducing opener against the Royals?  No, probably not.

But Opening Day is 31 days away.  Until then, why not get excited about Baseball, even is it’s a game that doesn’t mean much?

I’ll tel you what it does mean: it means, as I’ve said multiple times because I just can’t get it out of my head, that Opening Day is only 31 days, one long month, away.

Today’s game will not be televised.  All the better.  It’s the first opportunity of the year to turn on the radio and listen to Howie Rose calling the action.

Today’s starter, Rafael Montero, will likely not start the season in Queens.  All the better: this may be one of our only opportunities to see him.  He was once a big prospect: no reason not to take every look that we can.

Our captain, David Wright, will not play today.  He didn’t even make the trip.  I don’t mind; he’s our captain.  He knows what’s best for himself.  He’ll play eventually, and he’ll be fine when he does.

Is there anything I wouldn’t see in a positive light today, you may be asking?  That you had to ask should be an answer itself: of course not.

Later today, there will be baseball.  Real, professional, Mets baseball.  How could I be anything less than thrilled?

So please, today, I ask only one thing.  You may not like Spring baseball.  You may find today’s game meaningless.  You may find those fans who looked forward today simply because it’s the Spring Opener ridiculous and irrational.

But here’s my request: don’t take your dull, monotonous, rationality out on the rest of us.  It’s been a long, dark, crazy offseason, and now that it’s near over, we’ve earned the privilege of a little celebration, even it it’s slightly less than fully warranted.

There’s a ballgame today.  We’re Mets fans.  Irrational as it may seem to outsiders, take our word for it: irrational celebration, today, is fully and completely logically warranted.

And to Mets fans, a similar message: don’t give a second glance to the people who insist that Spring baseball isn’t worth one itself.  We know better: it’s baseball, and that’s enough.  Until April 3rd, it’s the biggest event of the season.  So get out there and party like it’s Opening Day.


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