An Ode To The Op’ner

(Originally published March 30th, 2014 via Pedro Beato Fan Club)


Tomorrow there’ll be baseball

The teams will take the field

And shouts of good or negative

The tow’ring stands will yield


‘Morrow shall the game be held

At the ground once called Shea

But negatives we will not feel

For there’s a game today


The fans will show up early

On the number seven line

“I see it! There’s the stadium!”

The children will opine


The veterans, the more seasoned

Will overtake the parking lot

Happily preparing

Sausages and burgers hot


Those who cannot be there

The students, the oppressed

Of their wretched situations

Still will make the best


List’ning on their radios

Dawdling in the halls

Eagerly will they follow

Josh and Howie with the call


Meanwhile those attending

Gametime will await

Their six month thirst for baseball

Food and drink just cannot sate


Finally as the time arrives

These fans begin to wake

Then they move more quickly

For they’ve a game to make


The lines of eager attendees

With haste approach the seats

For today’s a day for baseball

And the fans will not be beat


As game time fast approaches

The players are introduced

And still the fans’ excitement

Has yet to be unloosed


But as the fans do take their seats

They are yet called to stand

And sung out with great passion

Will be the song of our land


Finally will the players yield

To whomever will M.C.

Who will introduce the home team

in this baseball game to be


He’ll start out rather simple

He’ll say “And now, here they are,d”

Then the eager fielders

will be quick to heed the call


Then nigh on 40,000 fans

Will shout out loud with joy

Being, for a moment

A young girl or boy


Meanwhile those being kept away

Their radios will wield

Hoping to hear Howie say

“Live from Citi Field”


And as we see them on the field

Our team of these nine men

We’ll finally absorb it –

Baseball’s really here again


The game will soon proceed

Because the season must begin

Steadfastly will the Mets advance

Hoping for a win


To later innings will the game

Rapidly progress

We’ll hear our first Lou Monte

At the 7th inning stretch


When at last the game concludes

Regardless of the score

Back to real life we must go

But we’ll all long for more


And as we leave the building

As we travel to our cars

We won’t think of women

Or of drinking at the bars


Of social state, of government

Of problems, of our pay

We will not fret, complain, or worry

‘Cause tomorrow’s Opening Day


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