A Loss Of Poetic Proportions

Through six we were no-hit
I was thinking oh shit
Our bats had seemed simply to fade

Every ball that we struck
Couldn’t seem to find luck
Padres defense was perfectly played

Grandy hit one well
From contact I could tell
That today it would simply be caught

We’ve been hitting the ball
But our liners won’t fall
We all hope it won’t go for naught

deGrom wasn’t great
As the innings got late
He just couldn’t get on a tear

Lord, please fix our arms
Protect them from harm
To hurt them is simply unfair

Yo broke up the bid
A slow single he did
And hoped that our offense would follow

But it was not to be
And against Colin Rea
Our offense continued to wallow

To the ninth we went
When Granderson sent
A pitch soaring right back up the middle

The fence it cleared
And I silently cheered
But it seemed like too late and too little

The captain drew a pass
As a man of great class
Always willing to walk, ‘cause he’s selfless

Got it to Yo
And we all seemed to know
That Brad Hand on the mound was just helpless

Sure enough Yo went deep
And if not quite a leap
I did give a bit of a prance

Tying run on deck
And our lineup ain’t drek
Suddenly we had a chance

But it was not to be
As we could all see
Luck was simply not on our side

A game we should have won
But hell, it was fun
Obvious how hard our guys tried

We ended the night
On two line outs to right
As far as areas go, that one’s gray

On the one hand it’s bad
But it also helps pad
Our batting average on balls in play

Though we may have seemed thin
This should have been a win
When you take away errors and such

I don’t really mind
For tomorrow we’ll find
That we hit once again in the clutch

We’ve done plenty fine
One loss won’t undermine
In this series we should win three more

In game two it begins
And we’ll look for a win
Because out on the mound we’ve got Thor


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