Say Goodbye To Denver

It’s over, it’s done, we’ve got a new umpiring crew, and we’re coming back home.

That’s all there is to say.

Let’s hope this was the low point of our season, and we can move forward.

deGrom was pitching well until Terry took him out, because PITCH COUNTS!!!!!! But then Jim Henderson, who does not have a history of pitching well on back to back days, came in for the second day in a row and allowed a two run homer.

Lagares was making his way to third base in the eighth inning when he completely legally avoided Nolan Arenado’s tag. It’s called the rule book; it defines what is allowed. You have to follow it, umpires; you can’t just make things up as you go, calling someone out because it looked like they were out of the base line, or it really seemed like they’d left the baseline. There’s actually a base path; it’s not just an abstract construct that you’re free to interpret.

deGrom wasn’t great, but roughed it out for the second straight start. I’d love to see him back on form, but so long as he keeps pushing through and going what should have been seven innings, two runs allowed, and a win, I’m okay with that, if only as a less appealing substitute.

Cespedes homered. Conforto singled. De Aza was terrible. Campbell had two hits. Duda is done. Jim Henderson has the same E.R.A. as Jerry Koosman in 1968. Juan Lagares is freakin’ dependable. Asdrubal Cabrera kept doing his thing.

Maybe you can tell. Watching a sweep like this has a propensity to cloud my wont for verbal theatrics, and get to the bare bones of what the hell we just went through.

Last year, the low point of our season came in late July. A few days later, we were in first place to stay.

Now, we’re set for our first matchup with the Nats of the season. Thor versus Scherzer. Murph’s homecoming. It’s going to be crazy.

This last year or so, when we’ve needed to sweep the Nationals, we’ve been successful.

It was a bad series. It’s over. Now, back home to real life.


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