Dispatches from Spring Training: Prologue

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the heralds of Shea Bridge Report haven’t been bearing much news lately. I have myself, and before going any further, I must say that there are a few reasons for this.

For one, my writing energies lately have been occupied with an academic project, or to be more precise, a 5,000 some-odd word feature on a college baseball player you’ll see, more likely than not, signing a professional contract around draft time. I don’t know whether you’ll ever read this feature; just as it could appear nationwide in a week, it may never see the light of day. Lots of fun to write; just as much fun to read, from the limited feedback that I’ve received; inconsequential to the Mets either way.

For another, there just hasn’t been much going on that I haven’t already said. My Spring Training reservoir of creativity is pretty much tapped out; there’s only so much you can say about ballplayers congregating in Florida in February and March that you haven’t said the year before, or in a different media outlet, or to others in person. You can capture the energy; the nostalgia; the history; the sun. But you can’t do it so many times, or every day. It gets old eventually, like girl scout cookies or David Wright, who you likewise can only capture in writing so many times, as I’ve learned from experience.

So when you combine all the factors, the schoolwork, the absorption in hitherto unknown personal endeavors, the simple lack of anything new to say about things that are barely happening, I simply didn’t see a new post coming down the wire. But maybe that had something to do with what the month was building to. Because starting tomorrow, I see posts coming, daily or more, for a few days at least.

As of a few hours and a long cab ride ago, I’m in Port St. Lucie, within walking distance of First Data Field, tickets to our next three games in hand and a new Spring Training jersey in my suitcase. I’m still in need of sunscreen; what I’m no longer missing is Mets baseball to cover.

So starting tomorrow, tune in daily or on some basis close to that, for Dispatches from Spring Training, parts one, two, and three. Opening Day is coming up — but that doesn’t mean things can’t happen in the meantime.


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