Ho Hum, No Runs

We were always going to lose this one.

I knew it, you knew it, we all knew it, we pretended we didn’t know it, but we knew it.  It was one of those games.  We weren’t going to score. We just weren’t hitting.  It happens to everyone; today it happened to us.  What the hell can you do.

It’s a shame, though, that we had to waste such a sterling effort from Jacob deGrom, despite still not having his best stuff.  deGrom is 3-1, with a 2.12 E.R.A.  After allowing two runs in the first inning, he went the next six scoreless.  If and when he does recover his best stuff, it’ll be downright scary.  Until then, however, he’s just gotta keep doing what he did tonight, absent the less than perfect first inning.

So it’s a game that, on a better offensive night, we could have — should have — won.  But it wasn’t a better offensive night, and that’s perfectly fine.  It happens to the best of us.

Our effort wasn’t a total waste, at least: Chase Utley struck out, made a stupid looking flip, and made a laughingstock of himself in the field, which, if we’re honest, was my prime objective from this series.  As of now, it looks like retribution for his itsy bisty infraction — sorry, I meant breaking a guy’s freakin’ leg — will either wait, or has been suspended.  Personally, I’d like nothing more than to see retribution when the Dodgers come to town May 27th-29th, 1986 celebration weekend.  Is there any better way to honor the1986 Mets than by starting a long-deserved brawl?  I didn’t think so.

We didn’t hit; it’s that simple.  There’s not much to say, no analysis to be done: we had a bad night.  First base apparently being coated in vaseline didn’t help, nor did Yasiel Puig’s presence in right field, but we just weren’t hitting.  It was obvious: we weren’t going to score.  Sometimes you have that kind of night.

Eh, we’ll be fine.  They’re the Dodgers, a failed team chasing a dream that simply doesn’t look attainable.  They’ve got Kershaw tomorrow.  Somehow, I’m not too worried about it.  We’ve got Thor, who, after something of a funk recently, should break out and rack up some strikeouts against an offense that’s mediocre at best.

Plus: the Nationals lost.  We remain atop the division.  All we’ve got to do is win, and in terms of winning, we’ve been more than fine so far.  We’ve won far more than we’ve lost: there’s no reason that should stop anytime soon.

Tonight was no fun: fun isn’t guaranteed.  But when you’ve got a team like we have, you’ll have fun more often than not.


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